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Oak and Glass Coffee Table

Oak and Glass Coffee Table

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Our exclusive gorgeous solid oak coffee table has been inspired by the designs of the Japanese Sculptor, Isamu Noguchi. This stylish piece, made from solid 25mm thick oak, has a solid scultural presence, yet can be folded flat for storage. It can be configured for an oblong or square glass table and can be folded away if extra space is required. The clean contemporary style and natural material means it suits a large range of settings.

We cater for the discerning customer who is particular about the finish providing a range of options.

We also provide the option to purchase the coffee table without a tempered glass table top since, due to glass item delivery fees, ordering tempered glass directly from a local supplier can sometimes be advantageous.

- Matt Varnish is the hardest wearing.
- Wax is a natural produce with an enticing smell and does not deepen the shade of the oak as much as varnish
- Scandinavian Soap, our favourite, is for the wood aficionado who does not mind occasional maintenance and is the best option for those who adore the lighter "raw wood" look. Since each coffee table is made to order and initial treatment is applied over several weeks, with this option we apply a first coat and supply the soap so subsequent coats can be applied.

Beware suppliers offering coffee tables with lower cost standard glass. Tempered glass is 4-5 times stronger than non-tempered, and if by some misfortune it is ever broken it will shatter safely into thousands of tiny fragments. For your safety please be sure to purchase tempered glass only!

Proudly made in Britain.

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