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PrepDeck is a super addition to any chef's kitchen. With chopping boards made of solid oak, it not only helps cut down on clutter and mess while preparing food but looks absolutely stunning too. The base unit includes a beautiful oak chopping board and five oven and freezer proof 160ml glass containers (sealable plastic storage lids also included).

For the real aficionado, additional stackable boards can be purchased providing a fresh surface for each food type.

Additionally, a mandolin board option is also available with six cutting blades, enabling vegetables cheese to be sliced and grated directly into the glass container below.

PrepDeck is made entirely from food contact safe materials.

- The included board has a green badge marked with a "V"

- The meat board is badged with a red "M" logo plus has a juices groove to help prevent runoff.

- The fish/seafood board has a blue "F" badge and also has juices groove to help prevent runnoff.

The stackable boards are available for purchase separately.

Note: wooden chopping boards should should be cleaned with soap/detergent and warm water and should never be washed in a dishwasher. 

Proudly made in Britain.

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